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N6480-GP-Metallic Gold N6406-GP- Raz with Black Drop N6406-AB- Grey Metallic with Crystal
N6406-AB-Black N6406-AS-Metallic with Crystal Drop N6416-GM color options avail.
Price : $54.00
N6435-AB-Half Olivine with Emerald N6435A-AB-Black N6435A-AB-Grey Metallic with Crystal
Price : $44.00
N6435A-AS-Metallic with Crystal N6435A-GP-Black N6435-GP-Raz with Black
Price : $44.00
N6435-GP-Metallic Gold with Golden N6435-AB-Penny with Rose Gold N6435-AS-Denim
Price : $44.00
N6435-AS-Half Silver with Crystal N6480-AS-Half Silver N6481-AS-Half Silver
N6480-AS-Half Silver
Price : $44.00
N6481-AS-Half Silver
Price : $52.00
N6481-AS-Metallic N6481-GP-Amethyst OP N6481-GP-Champagne
Price : $52.00
N6481-GP-Amethyst OP
Price : $52.00
Price : $52.00
N6481-GP-Black N6482-GP-Black N6482-GP-Rose Gold
Price : $52.00
Price : $48.00
N6482-GP-Rose Gold
Price : $48.00
N6482-GP-Army Green with Emerald N6482-AB-Grey Metallic with crystal N6482-AB-Half Olivine with Emerald
N6482-AB-Black N6482-AB-Penny with Rose Gold N6482-AS-Half Silver with Crystal
Price : $48.00
N6482-AS-Metallic with Crystal Set of 3 Individual Necklaces N7562-GP-Swarovski Black Diamond
N7562-GP-Swarovski Crystal AB N7562-GP-Swarovski Topaz N7562-SP-Swarovski Crystal AB
Plum Neck options avail. Taupe Neck options avail. Brown Metallic Necklace options avail.
Blue Metallic Necklace options avail. N6471-AS Purple Grey N6474-AS Purple Grey
N6471-AS Purple Grey
Price : $48.00
N6474-AS Purple Grey
Price : $48.00
N6471-AB Emerald Set of 2 Beaded Necklaces Set of 2 Beaded Necklaces
N6471-AB Emerald
Price : $48.00
Oval Chain Link 20" Necklace  N6023-GM Oval Chain Link 20" Necklace N6023-SP Square Round Chain Link 20" Necklace  N6024-AB
Square Round Chain Link 20" Necklace  N6024-GM Square Round Chain Link 20" Necklace  N6024-GP N7508-AS-Silver Quartz
N7510-GP-Gold & Silver