Founded in 2005, by Rachel Eva Mendez (Jachimowicz), Rachel Eva jewelry features several collections of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Born from the designer’s love for the glitter and sparkle that beamed from her grandmother’s jewelry box coupled with her fascination with nature’s raw beauty, Rachel Eva’s collections are uniquely handcrafted allowing originality with each design.

Inspired by the raw beauty of natural stones, designer Rachel Eva presents her inaugural jewelry collection. The assembly of ornamental accessories showcases the designer’s signature organic link weaved through a variety of attirations that pay homage to the essence of organic materials while combining the unique fluidity and femininity attributed to today’s most accomplished designers.

“My love for raw, natural stones and finished, sparkling gemstones are some of the influences that have driven this collection. The combination of perfect and imperfect beauty are reflected in my signature organic link,” says Rachel.


Rachel Eva

Owner: Rachel Mendez

Tel: 925-727-2337

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Accessories By LJ

Rep: Lora Jachimowicz

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